Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Means Grads and Outdoor Living

June and Graduations...This weekend we are off to Oregon to my nephew Cody's high school graduation. I was blessed enough to be present for both he and my nieces' births, so it's pretty special to watch him end this phase of his life and begin a new one. Love you Cody and wish you all the best as you go out into the world to make it your own!

Lil' buckeroo!

So trying to find a graduation present for a teenage boy is not the easiest thing in the world. I was looking for something meaningful to mark the occasion but like most teens, he probably would just like the cash. In my search i looked at Room Service, one of my favorite catalog websites that has some nice personalized gifts . It's distracting when there are lots of great pictures of interiors/exteriors and five or fifteen web links later, i'm still looking at these beautiful designs and time flies and "oh yeah" i'm supposed to be looking for a graduation present!

Soooo Cody, guess what you're getting for graduation...but in my search i found some really great pictures of outdoor spaces to share and kick off the summer season. The patios or decks just steps out the door can mimic our indoor spaces with kitchens, grills and furniture as comfortable and as stylish as anything we have inside. Throw in some outdoor curtain panels, a chandelier and pots of gorgeous flowers and you've added to your homes square footage.

It's June. Fire up the grill and pour the margaritas. Memorial Day has come and gone and summer's on...enjoy some outdoor eye candy and if you have any suggestions for future graduation gifts, I've got a daughter and more nieces and nephews in the years to come!

These first three images are why i got distracted. They are of a Decorator's Showhouse in Malibu that Room Service provided accessories for...can i just move in?

This is a cool corner planter from Ballards

Very simple from Ballards

I love this picture from Southern Living Magazine because it is something anyone can
do...inexpensive clay pots with some sand and candles and voila!

This is the perfect setting for brunch...notice how the blue hydrangea
flowers pick up the trim on the house.

I still love this tuscan look and apparently it's a trend
that is not going away...yay!

Southern Living Magazine

So which one is your favorite? I'd love to see photos of your backyard/patio inspirations

Happy Designing...