Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Front Door That Says 'Welcome'

I haven't posted for the last month and it's good to be back. Life and death happen and unfortunately my dear "grams" passed away a week ago. She lived a long life and had two sons, grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren...that's a legacy. I will miss you grams.

My post today is about front doors. They are the welcome to the outside world and often the first thing that makes an impression to someone visiting or driving by. I want a new one but that is not in the budget right now so at the very least, now that the weather is better, I would like to paint mine and change up the hardware a little bit.

I have found some amazing inspiration pics online and have been noticing what others are doing in my area when I'm driving. My house is the typical California stucco, tan/beige and my door is currently black. Our home model is called 'Tuscany' and we've gone with that both in landscape and interiors. I still like it but feel the door could be here are some of my inspiration photos. Do you have any suggestions or doors that you like? Do share...

I really like this one that i found on Jeld-Wen's website and the style is right

This is in Provence...character for days!

I am so attracted to red doors...good feng shui

I also like this blue!

This is just cute and creative and a testament to the power of the internet. I found this on posted by Craft and Creativity. It's painted with chalkboard paint...thanks Helena! She is one talented woman.

We have a side door on the driveway that is visible from the street, so I would like to paint them both the same. So now it's time to get out my paint decks and try and make a decision...sigh!

Happy house and home...


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