Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime Blues and White

This months eye candy is about blue and white because it's a patriotic month and these interiors are guaranteed to feel summertime fresh. While I was researching the gorgeous blue and white photos, two of the blogs I subscribe to also did posts on blue and white decor. One of my favorite blogs is by color consultant, Maria Killam and her blog Colour Me Happy. It always amazes me how informative and beautiful her blog is, so be sure and check it out.

But before we get to that I also want to share something with you that came to me via may have seen or heard about this but if not, take a look at an uplifting message that we all could use more of. It's about Russ Haan and a website he started called Hope is in the Cards after having a rough time as a small business owner, trying to stay afloat and keep his employees. The premise is to send someone you know (or dare I say a total stranger) a personal card saying "thank you" or "I believe in You." On the outside of the envelope, just write four letters...HOPE. How nice would it be to receive something like this if you were having a really rotten day? If you'd like to know more, click here and let me know if you send a card to someone...I know I'm going to.

I have always been drawn to warm colors; reds, golds, oranges and yellow greens. Lately though, I keep finding myself drawn to blues more and more and especially that green blue with a touch of gray that I keep seeing everywhere. Last week in search of something to wear, standing in my closet I thought "wow, I really have a lot of blue shirts. When did that happen?" That is one way of finding out what colors you really like...go through your closet and drawers. What do you come up with? What colors have you recently purchased? or what color is your tried and true favorite to wear? The outfit you know you look and feel great in? This will give you a clue as to what colors you can live with in your space.
The color blue can evoke calm and tranquility like the sky or can become very dynamic and dramatic as in a royal blue or a deep indigo blue. It is the most popular "favorite" color and appeals equally to men and women. Designer Patricia Gray says in her blog that 'blue is the new black'. So look at these visions in blue and white and get a sense for how you would feel in each of these settings.

This picture was featured in House much more patriotic can you get than this room?

Some Swedish design with a french accent!

J. Barwich in Tradional Home
J. Barwick in Traditional Home

Wine and cheese anyone?

These next three were designed by Barclay Butera.
If you look at his website you can tell he loves blue and white.

Love the blue and white with the dark wood

This looks like a little Tiffany box bedroom...

These next two are a little more contemporary...

European design can be very modern...this kitchen is in Italy

Lovely foyer below

photo from

Aawww, I could spend hours here!
I wonder if the view out the window is as lovely as that tub?

And on that happy note, with a bubble bath on my mind...Enjoy the summer months and stay cool.

Happy Designing,


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