Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seasons Change...Time to Reconnect

Did you hear it last Tuesday? It was that collective sigh across the country as the last kids headed back to school. Over the past month, as families have adjusted their schedules back to a more structured schedule (maybe); we're more apt to be caught up in the who's doing what, when, where and how are they getting there. The Halloween displays have been up for two weeks already and can Christmas be far behind? So stop...take a breath...aaahh. Now wouldn't it be nice to have some nice chat time with a friend or two. Nothing fancy. Just a chance to reconnect and catch up!

Maybe just coffee and donuts...

September has some of the best weather of the year

How about something outdoors...

Not too much fuss...just add some fall leaves or pumpkins

or a beautifully aged picnic table works

Use what you have...these oranges could easily be small pumpkins
to get the same pop of color or some green pears would be
beautiful too!

So send an email or text (or maybe call them) to a few of your girlfriends.
The ones you know will appreciate a break from the routine but won't
expect your best linen and crystal, unless you want to use them of course!
Share a couple of hours catching up, venting and celebrating all the reasons
why you're friends in first place.

And just to get in a few design tips, here are three projects from marthastewart.com that will enhance any fall decor and the girls will be so impressed that you're channeling your inner Martha...love the pumpkin chandelier!

Cornhusk Votives
Outdoor Bouquet

Pumpkin Chandelier
click http://www.marthastewart.com/article/pumpkin-chandeliers

How fun would it be to include your friends and make one of the projects above...you get to laugh and have fun and each go home with something beautiful. Email them the supplies list and provide some snacks and munchies and spend quality time catching up and being creative!
Spending time with the girls...priceless
Happy Designing,

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