Friday, October 23, 2009

My Fall Decor

I love everything about Fall...the colors, the scents (I always go for spice scented candles), and the leaves turning color. I love autumn food; soups and bread especially. Instead of living life on the patio I start this whole cozying up the nest thing.
It's not as dramatic a change here in California as it was when we lived in Washington. Here it's the subtle changes you have to pay attention to. It still may be 75° degrees out, but the mornings start out cool and crisp and the days end that way too. The leaves change or just get tired and fall off from exhaustion. So inspired by Julia at Hooked on Houses and her Fall House Tour, I'll give you a peek at how I celebrate the season in my home (disclaimer...I am not a photographer).

Come on In!!!

This console table is just inside my front door. I love all the colored pumpkins, especially the blue green ones!

To the left when you walk in is the living room but I have put my dining room table there.The ceilings are 25 ft tall so I can put really tall things on top of the armoire.

I've used an outdoor window planter, a wine bottle crate and the stick bundles that I got at Pottery Barn a couple years ago to dress up the armoire. At christmas, I open the armoire door, empty everything out and we create a winter wonderland with our Christmas village.

This is the family room that is adjacent to the kitchen and here is the most comfortable sofa in the world. Someday when the decor is not determined by kids, dog, cat, watching ballgames, etc., I will have a linen covered sofa...sigh. The table I painted and covered the top with cork and a round glass tabletop.

I am loving sparkly things right now and especially glass jars of all shapes and sizes.

I generally like the mantle to be simple, not a lot of clutter. Some candles, berry garland, some greenery and of course a stack of pumpkins.

This corner to the left of the fireplace is totally DIY. I spray painted the chair and recovered the seat. I also spray painted the lamp shade and added the trim around the bottom. The table topper is burlap to add some texture. I cut a square and removed threads to create about a 1" fringe border. The candles in the basket are wrapped in upholstery strapping from Joanne Fabrics.

I love this pumpkin plate!

So that's a little peak from my house to yours. Hope you enjoyed the tour and if you've got pictures of your Fall decor send them and lets share what we love about this harvest season.

Happy Designing,


Rue said...

We're opposite... I grew up in California and now live in Ohio! The Fall seasons are amazing and to me it looks like a movie every time I walk out the door :)

Your home looks beautiful :)


Sue said...

Hi Michele, Your home looks very comfortable dressed for fall. I love your armoire- it's beautiful- is it a special antique? I agree with Rue- in fact, she lives just 20 min. from me- fall in Ohio is very pretty! I love those green pumpkins too, but I never found any this year. Guess I was at the wrong pumpkin farms. *grin*
Hope you'll stop by for a visit to see my fall decorating.